About Us - 20 Years of Experience

We have served country clubs, resorts, hotels, homeowner associations and institutions as well as fine private homes and estates.

Outdoor Furniture Specialists

Bennett Restrapping has served the nation's leading country clubs, resorts, hotels, homeowner associations, parks, restaurants, associations and institutions as well as individual homes and estates.

So, naturally our expertise matches that of all the leading manufacturers. Our craftsmen can rebuild and restructure all metals - - aluminum, steel, wrought iron, plus PVC to original specification.

We can also refinish all types of frames to their original finish, and replace all worn, torn or discolored strapping, webbing and lacing. We can even restyle and update fabric colors and designs for you. The beauty of it is that we can do all of this for you at very significant savings in terms of replacement costs.

These are some of the brands we service: Tropitone, Brown Jordan, Woodard, Carter Grandle, Meadowcraft, Treasure Garden, Winston and Telescope Casual to name a few.

All work is bonded, insured and guaranteed as promised. Why not get a free quote or better yet, call us at 404.767.8200 and discuss your outdoor furniture problems with us now.

Special Services for Architects & Designers

  • We offer free consultation and estimates on any job, no obligation.
  • We also offer our own designer services if desired.
  • We can handle all material pickups and deliveries whenever required.
  • We can make on site repairs, touch-ups, even exchanges at moderate prices.
  • Our job is to make your project look great!